Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna

Founder Chairman, NPS Group of Institutions, NAFL and TISB

Our group of institutions provide high standards for excellence in every area. We stimulate creativity and develop problem-solving capability in each student. As a family oriented school, we believe that partnership between the family and school is the foundation of a student’s fulfillment and success in our student’s life.

Our objective at NAFL is to provide a happy, balanced and challenging environment where our students have the opportunity to fulfill their individual talents and goals. In parallel, we provide a wide range of cultural, sporting and co-curricular activities and a chance to exercise leadership in a sensible and respectful environment.

Dr. S. Gopalkrishna

Founder Dean, NPS Group of Institutions, NAFL and TISB

Education has a multifaceted function. The transformation from childhood to adulthood is an important one. Education has a major role to play in this process.

Education in its true sense leads to health and fitness, happy relationships, meaningful work and personal fulfilment. We at NAFL, try to promote an atmosphere where education is a blend of progressive ideas from the best in the Indian setting and culture. Students are given personal care and support so that they take the right place in the global society.

Dr. Bindu Hari

Director, NAFL, TISB, NPS Group of Institutions

Every student comes to us with special goals, dreams and expectations of what their future might hold.

We envision a school environment to help students achieve their potential, offer guidance, hone their leadership skills and foster in students the confidence to explore a new range of interests, ultimately contributing positively to the societies they live in. It is our belief that every student in our school has the ability to succeed not just academically but as individuals in their own unique ways.

Mr. Hari Krishnan

CEO, NAFL, TISB, NPS Group of Institutions

At NAFL, we seek to provide an environment where each child is encouraged to attain his or her maximum potential, develop the skills and values which would enable him or her to successfully meet the challenges in our changing world, built on the foundation of principles of hard work, creativity, enthusiasm, discipline and good conduct.

Ms. Josheta Hari

Associate Director

At NAFL, the student is at the core of everything we do. NAFL inspires children to develop a love for learning, explore their imagination, have the courage to question and the ability to make conscious decisions. NAFL’s academic success comes from a longstanding commitment to knowledge acquisition, the dedication of the teachers and support from our parents. As a community of educators, we are focused on providing students with all the tools needed to thrive and live out their dreams.

Our 95 highly enthusiastic, experienced and qualified faculty work closely together, right from the Montessori / Kindergarten level to the Secondary and Senior Secondary classes. An additional team of over 17 service staff members ensures superior facility management and assistance to the children. We build an out-of-the-box thinking approach in our children. We make them apply creative and deductive skills to tasks in every field, be it academics, sports, drama or art. Keeping a global overview in mind, we constantly review and widen paradigms on academic content, contexts, goals and expectations in education.

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